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SUPPORT  Writer, Activist & Producer with "President Of My Vagina": A Campaign for Women's Rights and Expanding Equity. 

"I believe my body and that of all women are sacred and sovereign. Any rollback of equal rights by the ruling elite and culturally tone deaf is unacceptable. We need to be moving forward in the face of climate change, the refugee crisis, holes in basic social welfare (like universal healthcare) and many other challenges. Therefore, as an immigrant, black woman, and feminist I am declaring myself president...of my vagina. I declare sovereign control of my mind, my body and my spirit and ask other women to join me. In order to protect our collective freedom, women and allies must organize. Please join the campaign to fight in various ways (i.e. boycott, rally) for our rights and make #presidentofmyvagina a call to action & intersectional movement led by anti-sexist, anti-racist, pro LGBTQi, women and allies."

                                                        ~Agunda Okeyo 


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WHO As writer, producer and activist by profession Agunda Okeyo was deeply engaged in the work of resistance before the election and certainly hereafter. She has organized protests, written investigate articles/op-eds, produced creative events for social justice and spoken publicly about the issues that concern her; on racial equality, gender justice, immigrant rights, survivor advocacy, and tolerance across class and sexulity. But, more personally as an immigrant, artist, black woman and feminist, she knows all of this effort aspires to liberate herself as much as it seeks to liberate others. Knowing the magnitude of the fight ahead, Agunda decided to unilaterally commit this next year, 2017, to unrelenting, strategic and innovative social justice work. Therefore, she has launched the campaign: President of My Vagina; or rather she claims ownership of her body as a woman and her right to do what she see fit according to her conscience without interference from the state. 


HOW For Agunda, unrelenting, strategic and innovative activism includes dialogue, grassroots direct action, coalition building, community organizing, boycotts, writing, creative acts and self care. This work will be both planned action items according to what we already know and responsive to pertinent events.


Agunda's first action item with President of My Vagina (PMV) campaign is to organize and execute a prolonged citywide boycott of Trump and his affiliated businesses in NYC. We will make sure he knows the 80% of people who voted against him, do not want him or his cronies in this city. Further his burden on the city (as a man who happily evades taxes) to provide security at Trump Towers to the tune of $500,000/day and $35mil/year will not be supported by the people. This boycott can also be illustrative to cities around the country (and perhaps the world) on how to respond to populist fascist politicians. As an emerging leader, Agunda Okeyo needs your support in this campaign of resistance to Trump's America.

Further, Agunda is  among the leadership of a NYC chapter of nationwide WOC led cohort of activists and organizers called #WomenoftheResistance aka WoR (formerly called #GOPHandsOffMe) with a track record of direct action in this “new normal” as featured in TIME, New York Magazine, BBC, Democracy Now!, Rewire and The New York Times among others. 

Speaking as a student of history, Agunda is certain that while most of us can’t drop everything and commit our lives to social justice, some of us must and she is one such person

WHYUnder the Trump administration, Agunda wants to work 24/7 on the issues we care about most like: reproductive justice, ending rape culture, the movement for black lives, supporting Standing Rock, climate change, gender equity and immigrant rights to help those who don’t have the time or resources to chart a way forward. She wants to use her skills as an artist and activist to be someone people can turn to when the feeling of “what do we do next?” takes hold. The recent "Muslim Ban" is a disturbing illustration of the manner in which this administration seeks to shred social norms and standing liberties; we cannot abide. Agunda has already provided leadership as an artist and activist for several hundred people, but she wants to do it for hundreds more, towards an increasingly interconnected and compassionate world. 




                              via GoFundMe

"We will make sure he knows the 80% of people who voted against him, do not want him or his cronies in this city."