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We're Taking Control 


What is #HaterFreeNYC?

Knowing the magnitude of the fight ahead, Agunda Okeyo--writer, producer, organizer and activist--together with a cohort of committed activists and organizers--decided to commit 2018 to unrelenting, strategic and innovative social justice work. That's why we are launching "Hater Free NYC," a multimedia political education platform focused on housing and gentrification in New York City. Official endorsements TBA. 

Hater Free NYC (HFN) centers itself with women, people of color, immigrants, and true accomplices fighting for holistic community, justice and inclusion in the Big Apple. Let's join together and resist because New York City, the home of Lady Liberty, should be hater free!


Supporters of the Platform:

Staceyanne Chin
Poet & Activist 

"The most powerful thing a woman or girl can do is own her body. To fully own her flesh, she must be able to speak of it, activate it, draw boundaries around it, celebrate it, and insists that all others follow her lead when anything is decided or done for or about her body. For a black girl, that means she must take on those standard barriers of classism, sexism, nationalism, etc- in addition to carrying the ever-present burden put on her by racism. I support HFN's commitment to empower locally for global impact." 

Kathy Najimy 
Actor, Producer, Activist

"The next four years under Donald Trump will be particularly daunting for women, people of color and immigrants as the most vulnerable will suffer adversely.  From racism, xenophobia, homophobia to, (as we've already seen)  harrowing, anti-woman & anti- choice legislation. The widespread closure of women's clinics and rights is eminent.  In solidarity, I support  Agunda  and her  advocacy for a Hater Free NYC"

Gloria Steinem
Writer & Activist

Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall
Professor, Writer & Activist

"Because hierarchies start with controlling reproduction, and therefore the female body, a woman's ownership of a safe haven and her own body is a step toward democracy and a future in which humans are linked, not ranked. I thank Agunda for taking a step forward for us all." 

"Thanks, Agunda, for this powerful resistance project that courageously appeals to all progressive women, people of color and immigrants to say NO to Trump and his lieutenants. Nothing is more urgent!"


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